Alfred v2.5.1: 1Password 5 Support and Yosemite Tweaks

Following Apple’s release of OS X Yosemite to the public on 16th October, Alfred v2.5.1 is now available with a few Yosemite-friendly improvements.

Primarily, this release adds support for 1Password 5. If you’ve upgraded to Yosemite and use Alfred’s 1Password Bookmarks integration, you’ll need to update to Alfred v2.5.1 to be able to access your 1Click bookmarks. You can go to Alfred’s “Update” tab or download the update manually from

We’ve also improved the workflows search to make it easier to see your workflow categories and settings. Click on the cog to set up your categories, or find out more in this tutorial on organising your workflows.

Finally, this release also adds more underpinnings for the upcoming Alfred Remote app for iOS. If you missed it, we shared the first sneak preview of Alfred Remote yesterday.

As ever, you can keep up with Alfred’s development by taking a look at the change log.

Password Protected: Using 1Password with Alfred

Over the past few weeks, we featured a few of the apps we really love using with Alfred. Today, it’s an app I simply couldn’t live without: 1Password.

Not familiar with it? 1Password is an immensely helpful app in an era where we require passwords for every site we use, yet our memory can only hold so many at once. It allows you to contain all your passwords, credit cards, license codes and secret world takeover plans behind one master password. With a convenient iOS app, a browser plugin on your Mac and Alfred integration, it’s quick and effortless to log in to your favourite sites.

The integration with Alfred uses the 1Click Bookmarks to present you with the sites you can log in to when you type “1p” followed by your search term.


Enabling 1Password Bookmarks

There are a few steps to take to get started. Note that you’ll need a Powerpack license for Alfred and 1Password installed to use this feature.

The first step is to install the 1Password browser plugin for your favourite web browser.

Enabling integration in 1Password (For 1Password 4 users only)

If you’re using 1Password 4 (released October 2013), perform this step. If you’re using 1Password 3, jump to the “Enabling 1Password integration in Alfred”. Open 1Password’s preferences to the Advanced tab and check the box that says “Enable integration with 3rd party apps”. This is essential for Alfred to be able to read your 1Password bookmarks.


Enabling 1Password integration in Alfred

For users of all versions, in Alfred’s Features > 1Password preferences, enable 1Password bookmarks by checking the box. You’ll now be able to launch your bookmarks by typing “1p” followed by the name of your bookmark.

See? There’s no need for Post-it notes with scribbled passwords, or heads filled with half-forgotten passwords. This is the quickest way to launch and log in to your favourite websites, all while keeping you perfectly secure. 🙂

More Giveaways for Alfred’s Birthday!

Yesterday, we announced that, for Alfred’s birthday, we would be giving away some goodies and offering 10% discount for new Powerpack users. We knew you’d like these birthday celebrations, but we had no idea HOW MUCH you’d like them!

As it’s been so popular, we’ve added some more great Mac app licenses as prizes to the giveaway.


We’ve added 10 Fantastical licenses and 10 1Password 4 licenses. This means Powerpack users can now win any of the following prizes:

  • Ten Evernote Premium one-year subscriptions (worth $45 each)
  • Ten Spotify Premium one-year subscriptions (worth $120 each)
  • Ten additional 10GB Dropbox space for life (worth loads!)
  • Ten Fantastical licenses (worth $20 each)
  • Ten 1Password 4 licenses (worth $50 each)

You’ve only got until Friday to take part, so find out how to participate now!

Don’t forget that the 10% discount on the Powerpack also only applies until this Friday, so don’t wait too long if you want to grab your own license!

The birthday giveaway ended on 29th February and the winners were announced on Twitter.

Alfred V2.0.8 Released: 1Password 4 Beta Compatibility

Today, we released Alfred v2.0.8 in anticipation of Agilebits’ 1Password 4 release. Those using the beta version of 1Password 4 will be able to use Alfred’s 1Password 1Click Bookmarks integration right away. Non-beta users will need to exercise patience just a little longer until version 4 is officially released 🙂

To take advantage of this feature, you’ll need to enable integration in 1Password 4’s preferences as shown in the screenshot below.


This integration only shows your 1Click bookmarks, as it did in version 3. Your data remains completely safe and protected by 1Password’s usual great security features, so activating this feature won’t put your data at risk.

Alfred 1.2 Released: 1Password Integration, Large Type, New Themes, Clipboard Merge and more!

We’ve just released Alfred version 1.2, which brings an absolute boatload of new features and improvements.

It’s now available to download by checking for updates in the app, from our website or from the Mac App Store. Both the free version and the Powerpack have received a lot of love in this release so read on for the full details of this fantastic release.

Fast access to your 1Password 1Click bookmarks

We couldn’t live without 1Password so this new Powerpack integration is a marriage made in heaven!

Enable the 1Password bookmarks import in Alfred’s Features preferences, then let Alfred bring up your list of password bookmarks when you type “1p” followed by your search term. Your default browser is launched, and you are logged straight into your 1Password stored site. It’s completely safe as your browser still requires your 1Password master password if you aren’t already authenticated.

The 1Password team also blogged about 1Click bookmarks in Alfred earlier this week.

Large type with ⌘-L

Whether you plan to use it to view phone numbers on your screen from a distance, share the solution to a maths equation or to tease classmates sitting behind you in class, large type is a useful addition to the Powerpack. Hit Cmd + L to show the typed text as Large Type on your screen.

Two new colour themes

A few weeks ago, we announced that two new themes – Dark & Smooth and Pistachio – will be added to the default themes in Alfred’s core (free) version.

Clipboard Merge

Clipboard Merge allows you to merge a second item with the previously copied clipboard snippet. Once enabled, it’s simple to use: Hold ⌘ and press C twice to merge the selected text with the previous history item. You’ll hear a sound confirming the snippets have become one!

New hotkeys

We’ve added a few new handy hotkeys:

  • New global hotkeys to take action on currently selected text in OS X
  • New global hotkey option to paste the latest Clipboard History item as plain text without having to show Alfred first
  • Global hotkeys can be assigned to Snippets for instant pasting, e.g. your favourite email signature

File search overhaul

This may sound like hocus pocus but I can assure you that you’ll find that the improved file matching algorithm will help you find your files more easily than before.

If you’re curious to see how Andrew has refined file matching, have a look at his Tumblr post outlining what has changed.

A boatload more…

Version 1.2 is a big release in terms of improvements and bug fixes as well, so have a look at the Change Log here for the full list of changes.

Thanks again to everyone who helped us test this release over the past few weeks! 🙂