Alfred 1.1 Released: Address Book, Filter Actions & More Improvements

Today, Alfred 1.1 is available on auto-update for non-Mac App Store users with lots of new goodies for you!

This release brings some great feature improvements to Address Book, Hotkeys and Extensions:

  • In the Address Book contact viewer, take action on contacts’ details. For example, dial their number or view their online profiles
  • Select text in any app & open Alfred to take action on it with a hotkey
  • Set default actions on filter extensions, like uploading a file to Flickr automatically
  • Replace existing Powerpack extensions easily when updates are released
  • Many more improvements and tweaks to make your Alfred experience even better.
Find out more about these features below, or have a look at the change log for the full list of features, improvements and bug fixes.

A Bit More About Address Book

The Address Book integration has received a lot of love and improvement in the latest release. With the Contact Viewer enabled (go to Preferences > Features > Address Book) you can now view notes as well as your messaging and social information for each contact right within Alfred. All this information is within easy reach, just a few keyboard clicks away, and not just sitting there idly either because you can take action on what you see.

For example, you can ask Alfred to dial the phone number of your contact using Skype, or to pop up their Flickr profile based on their username. This is highly flexible as you can use a URL scheme or extension to do more with your contact’s information.

Send Selected Text to Alfred

Got some text you want to take action on in Alfred? You can now create your own global hotkeys to send the text to Alfred. The best bit? You can prefix it with a keyword if you want to save yourself some typing. For example, I’ve set a hotkey (Cmd + D) to pop up Alfred with the text I’ve selected and the keyword “define” prefixed.

Get creative and use the keyword for your extensions to launch searches for your favourite sites, developer resources and more!

Set Default Actions for Filter Extensions

If you’re already familiar with the Filter extensions, you’ll know that by setting a filter, you can look for specific file types by using the keyword. And now, you can set a default action for these.

Open the image in Fireworks, upload the video to Vimeo or add the file to your to-do list… It allows you to improve your workflow by using extensions or scripts to set a custom action on the selected files.

And more…

Check out the full change log for all of the new features, improvements and bug fixes.

What about Mac App Store users?

As version 1.1 primarily consists of changes to the Powerpack, and the current Mac App Store version (1.0) is fully stable, this latest release won’t be available in the Mac App Store. You can always download the latest version from our website.

In the next few days, I’ll publish some examples of what you can do with both the Address Book and Filter Action features, including some hand-picked extensions you can download to improve your workflow!

Enjoy the latest features 🙂


Alfred 1.0: Big statues, awards and the next release

On November 29th, we released version 1.0 of Alfred. We were so excited to finally make this milestone release available to everyone, yet we couldn’t have predicted how much better you would all make December and January for us.

Macworld Editor's Choice Award - Running with Crayons' Alfred

Since the release, Alfred received numerous accolades, including the revered Macworld Editor’s Choice Award. As a Mac user since the late 80’s, I remember thumbing through my grandfather’s Macworld magazines so being recognised as an “exceptional Mac product” by this mainstay of the Mac industry is an honour. Plus, it comes with a gigantic statue. Who doesn’t love a giant statue?

Additionally, a few other publications awarded Alfred recognition as they looked back at 2011:

In addition, at the end of the year, screencaster extraordinaire Don McAllister produced two excellent videos on Alfred’s core and Powerpack features. If you’re trying to convince a friend to switch to Alfred, this video will walk them through in superbly useful detail.

With these being the cherry on top of our 2011, Christmas was spent sitting on cloud nine and feeling that we truly do have the best community in the world.

Since 2012 started, Alfred also received a mention on Forbes and a PCMag Editor’s Choice review. As they say, start the year as you mean to go on! We’ve saved as many of the mentions as possible in our Delicious account, so have a browse if you’re curious. And of course, thanks to everyone who wrote these wonderful pieces.

What now?

Did you really think that now that Alfred has hit 1.0, we’d stop improving this app we love so much? Of course not – you know us too well! 🙂

Andrew has nearly finished working on version 1.1. As he explains on his Tumblr, it originally was intended to be a 1.0.1 maintenance release, with a few tiny fixes, but it has grown into a full blown release with shiny new features. Expect to see improvements to Contacts integration and Extensions, and see the change log for the full list of changes. As it went into development release today, we hope to roll it out to everyone within the next few weeks.

We also can’t wait to unveil the other ideas we’ve been working on, which we hope to share with you over the course of the year. Until then, keep an eye on Twitter for sneak previews over the coming months!